HAWKeye by Skillion


your sixth sense while riding

be aware of whats behind you

a rear camera sees everything, even when you're not looking

AI vision to predict the future

powerful ML algorithms use camera vision to predict cars movements in realtime

more features

see behind you

see at night

secure your bike

track your ride

control your ebike

message companion riders

find your way

follow a scenic tour

find your companion riders

see it in action

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As seen at Eurobike 2022 with integrated vehicle detection!

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Whats included:

  • Tail unit camera
  • Tail light
  • Mounting bracket
  • Hawkeye mobile app

    about us

    our mission

    Skillion is creating a user experience revolution for bikes. We believe all riders should be more connected, aware, and secure on and off the bike. We are building the platform to accomplish all these goals.

    our history

    Skillion started in 2017 by developing our own line of ebikes in Australia. By creating bikes, we discovered our passion for a better rider experience. We began to develop a series of products that makes all bikes more connected. We called our platform the Connected Dashboard. We sold our first Connected Dashboard in 2018 which provided advanced security features for a fleet of bikes in Australia. With that success we moved to the USA in 2019, raised funds and developed our newest Connected Dashboard: HAWKeye!

    our team

    our partners

    frequently asked questions

    Yes, the HAWKeye works with regular bicycles and ebikes.

    Any bike or ebike can accept HAWKeye. Some ebikes have displays, HAWKeye can mount alongside or be co-located with an ebike display using the Omni-mount. For Bafang mid-drives the ebike display can be removed and replaced with HAWKeye – the video shows this. For other ebikes we are developing multiple Interface Modules that you can purchase to suit your ebike – not available through Indiegogo. Please contact us via email on our website for more details about this module.

    Yes, but not all kits are compatible. At the time of writing this, we have developed the interface with the Bafang mid-drive conversion kits. You can replace the display and button controller for these kits with the HAWKeye solution. It works great!

    We are working with a partner to supply the ebike in the video – or a later model fitted with the HAWKeye. Contact us via the email address on our website.

    As a customer of Skillion and new owner of HAWKeye, you will enjoy multiple ongoing upgrades and improvements. Having a network subscription will ensure you have the best possible experience with the HAWKeye product. Cellular network connection is required for complete operation of the HAWKeye modes. $9.99 per month for US customers.

    NIGHTvision uses a Thermal imaging camera integrated into the Tail Unit alongside the regular wide-angle camera. It detects wavelengths of light in the thermal range 800-1400 nm rather than 400-750nm (regular light we see). This camera detects heat radiating from warmer objects. If a vehicle is in complete darkness, or occluded in fog or smoke, or the headlights are dazzling to a regular camera, a thermal camera can still illuminate the scene by sensing the heat radiating from the object.

    The Mobile App (called TOOLbox) comes with every HAWKeye kit. It is your portable portal to your HAWKeye system and your account. It enables you to connect to the HAWKeye device on your bike while you are remote, activate SENTRY mode alarm, trigger remote controls (siren) and remotely view what is happening around your bike while you are away – 24/7! When your kit arrives go to the Apple or Android online store to download it on your handheld device.

    The Desktop App (called WORKbench) comes with every HAWKeye kit. It is the computer portal to your HAWKeye system and your account. It enables you to connect to the HAWKeye device on your bike while you are remote. It is similar to your Mobile (TOOLbox) App. WORKbench has advanced features like creating a fleet of bikes for your friends and family and setting up Geofencing boundaries that trigger an alert if the bike moves beyond that boundary

    When your kit arrives you will be offered a link to the WORKbench that you can log in to.

    Yes, The HAWKeye system has many ways to add more to your ride. The Touch Display is equipped with a Bluetooth interface. This means you can connect many regular Bluetooth devices to the system for example a Bluetooth Heart rate monitor, Bluetooth high-powered front light or Bluetooth mechanical bike lock. Please check out our website for more details or contact us for more details about how these and other devices can be added.


    Bluetooth speed or cadence sensors can be added. However, we prefer our riders to not use these devices but rather use GPS for speed and our inbuilt Bike Computer software to determine the pedal cadence. This saves weight , costs and complexity. NB: This software is under development and involves advanced techniques like AI and machine learning which may not be completed at the time of first shipping. But we aim to have it as soon as possible.

    HAWKeye can operate fully in countries including: USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

    We plan to ramp mass production as soon as possible after our successful Crowdfunding. This will mean we can begin shipping during Q4 2022 – as early as September 2022.

    Available Countries: USA, Canada, UK, Countries in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 

    Available Soon: contact us directly for further informationHAWKeye can operate in any country however full support will be offered to customers in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

    Just before we begin shipping, we will contact you for the correct shipping address. Then we will package your kit and ship it direct to you by mail.

    Skillion’s head office is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. We also operate from multiple locations and have staff worldwide including Sydney, Australia. Coincidently, Sydney is where we originated from, where we began 6 years ago designing building and selling ebikes.

    Having a network subscription will ensure you have the best possible experience with the HAWKeye product. $9.99 per month – gives you,  cellular remote connectivity that ensures features work fully including live GPS tracking, SENTRY mode alerts, Flash messaging, Find-a-bike, Strava Integration, and more. Similar network subscription charges for outside the US. Please review the FAQ or contact us directly for additional details.

    Similar network subscription charges for outside the US based on 3rd party cellular network provider. Please review the FAQ for updates or contact us directly for additional details.

    We estimate HAWKeye will run for between 4 and 8 hours when riding and up to 24 hours in low power SENTRY mode. We are constantly working to improve the runtime. As we learn more about our customers and how they like to use HAWKeye we can improve the runtime with updates you can download with over-the-air updates like a regular mobile App.

    We have a selection of parts that will ship with the Tail Unit. You can chose between mounting on the seat post (with varying diameters), mounting on the seat stay or a rear rack. We will aim to have an image and details on the website and Indiegogo soon! In the meantime please contact us via email.

    Please email us at: info@skillion.tech